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… and listening to your customers

Speaking with customers

Communicating with your customers and potential customers, is a two-way process, and successful companies both broadcast their information and listen to what is coming back.

The important thing in either scenario is not to jump in without thinking through what you are going to do.  Without a plan, you could be wasting money, or not making it work as hard for you as it can.



Check what you are already doing and make sure it is consistent, appropriate and having maximum impact

Touch Points

Consider the occasions when you are in contact with customers.  Are you using those opportunities to best effect?

Who and When

Decide on who you need to be speaking to, and when is the right time for you to engage with them



Think about the content you can deliver which will be relevant, engaging and will move your customers to take action



Think about which channels you should use, where those you’re trying to reach are most likely to see and respond



Be ready to follow up by having the right things in place; and ensure you measure the impact to inform future activity

Making sure you methodically go through these areas is a great starting point for any business.

If you want the added value of an external perspective, or your business doesn’t have the capacity to work on your communications in-house, then please get in touch, we’d be happy to help.

Listen to your customers

Companies can gain invaluable insights from listening to your customers and potential customers – both from what they say and what they do.

Information can be gathered through informal means – such as monitoring social media or asking questions when the opportunity arises – or done more formally through structured research projects.

As with outward communications, the key to success is to work out in advance what you want to find out and then only seek answers to questions that you know you will be able do something about.

If you would like help with your customer feedback, then please

Do it yourself

We have some articles which you can read if you are thinking to doing formal market research for yourself but are not experienced.  Read more…

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