Five things every organisation should have at their fingertips

Working with small businesses, clubs and voluntary groups on their marketing and communications, it is striking how often they have difficulty in providing key information and assets that we need to help them. If these things are not easily available when you need them, then lots of time can be wasted trying to track them down. In the worst cases, it can lead to having to start from scratch, having to spend again on something you have already invested in, or losing access to something important.


So, what should you have at your fingertips?

The following are all vital for the marketing and promotion of your business or organisation – and I have explained why in each case.


Your logo in all variants

    • In .eps format for large scale printing, such as on banners and large displays
    • In .jpeg format for standard print
    • In .png format for use online
    • Details of the colours – Pantone colour, CMYK and RGB references
    • Names of the fonts used and whether they are standard or have been tweaked in any way

Whenever you want to do something new with your communications, be it a piece of print, a new website, new social media channels, email communications, a display stand and so on, you will need your logo, in the right format.

It is also a good idea to hold copies of any pre-agreed or ready designed standard formats, such as letterheads, business cards, document templates and so on.


Website domain details

You need to know who is hosting it, the log in information for your control panel and the expiry/renewal date. You need these for any changes to your website hosting, when developing a new site or changing your website and email addresses. It’s also important not to lose a domain you’ve bought the rights too, which could happen when you need to renew your license every year. If you have more than one and they’re held by different domain providers, then take steps to bring them together in one place which will make it easier to keep on top of them. Then use your calendar to schedule reminders about renewals, in case the auto generated email reminders aren’t picked up.


Website Content Management System (CMS) log in

Most websites employ Content Management Systems that are reasonably easy to use to make minor changes. Relying on your web company to do the simple things, such as amending some text, is not going to provide best value for money. Save your budget for the big tasks where you really need their expert input.


Google Analytics log in

Looking at the number and type of people who visit your website, whether they view it on PC, tablet or mobile, which pages they view and what they search for can tell you a lot about the performance of your website and linked communications activity. All this information and a lot more is available through Google Analytics and you should be making use of it to help you develop your site to meet your business goals. There is a lot of free on-line guidance on how to use Analytics, so make sure you are in a position to view these for yourself.


Social Media account log in details

Having these details will enable you to update your profile as well as post content. If you’re a voluntary organisation or club, this can be particularly important as people can regularly move on and leave you unable to use these important communication tools. If you can’t gain access to your account, then you could lose the account name and have to set up something from scratch. Not good if you’ve invested time and effort into building up a following.


The best advice is to make sure you have the information and assets held securely within the business, club, or organisation, and with more than one person. For voluntary clubs and charities, this could be the secretary and treasurer.

Always ensure that, when the person who holds the information leaves or steps down, these things form part of the handover and are retained by you.

And if you don’t currently have them, don’t leave it until you have an urgent deadline to meet; take steps now to locate and secure these assets so they’re there and available when you want them.


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