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Whole business or issue focused

Grow your business

At FR Marketing we work with you to deliver practical solutions which are tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.

Small company marketing is about looking at the whole of your business and identifying where and how you can increase your sales/profitability or fight off a threat to your current position.


Deciding where you want to be as a business; what are your options and which route will be the best for you


Action Plans

Prioritising what you spend your time and money on, setting targets and timescales, allocating roles, and measuring progress

Business Reviews

Understanding where you are, what is holding you back from achieving what you want

We can help you…

... put customers at the heart of your thinking

... treasure information, it's key to finding the gold

... do what is right for you, don't follow the herd

Marketing isn’t just about what and how you communicate, although that is a key part of it. It encompasses all of your business activity: what products you offer; how you sell them; what prices you charge; who you sell to; what your company stands for; how you treat your staff and suppliers; and more.

To get your marketing into shape is a commitment for any company, but one that most successful companies make. Whilst there are likely to be ‘quick fixes’, if you’re serious about thriving then you need to be prepared to commit time and resources to get a marketing strategy and action plan in place.

Ready to commit?

Depending on your current business situation and what your goals are, we can put together a package of service elements, drawing from the following themes:

  • Business information analysis: customers, products and profitability
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) for your business
  • Your products, positioning and competitive advantage
  • Your competitors, direct and indirect, and other threats
  • Existing customer mapping and identifying target customers
  • Customer journeys – from interest to post sale
  • Your current communications activity

Once agreed, we will set out a logical process to follow with you, over a period of weeks or months.

Working together and following this route map, we will build a strategy and practical delivery plan for marketing your business.

Ideas to get you started

How to start marketing your small business

If you’re a micro business just starting out and want to get things underway without making a significant commitment yet, then this article will give you some pointers.

Is your marketing in good health?

For any business, undertaking a full review of all your activity can be time consuming, but even a top level review can reveal some simple improvements and areas to look into further.

For business success you need to know what, who and why

Understanding your customers and your market are key building blocks to success.  Read our list of key questions you should be able to answer to maximise your business potential.

From Our Clients

“We are very happy with the work done for us so far by FR Marketing, from scoping out a process which involved all our staff, to developing a baseline analysis and identifying how we can move forward. The professional and responsive approach taken by Fiona and Karen means we’ll be continuing to work with them to help us put the plans into action.”

Gareth Harries

RJ Chartered Surveyors

“Fiona has helped us to focus on putting our customers at the centre of everything we do and in identifying priorities for improvement. Taking a structured and logical approach, she has helped to formalise some of our activities and to develop them constructively. Using her external perspective, broad background and extensive experience, Fiona has provided valuable input not only to our marketing, promotions and communications, but also to the allied areas of the business.”

Wilf Lewis

Lewis Pie & Pasty Company

Up for a chat?

All our projects kick off with a discussion.  If you would like to have a general chat about your current situation and challenges, so that we can work out what would be helpful for you, do get in touch.