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At FR Marketing, we work with you to create a website that has the right design, structure and content for your customers and your business.

Whether you need an information site or an online shop, want to be fully involved or just provide some base information and leave the rest to us, we can help.

Together we can develop a website that will support the needs of your existing customers as well as attracting new ones.

New Websites

Design & Structure

Creating the ‘feel’ and organising your site so it is easy for a visitor to find the information that they’re looking for, with strong internal and external links.

Content Creation

Using base information about your products and services to create tailored text and source appropriate images, taking the pressure off you. All you need to do is review and tweak it.

Online Shopping

Building an online store so your customers can buy through your site, using integrated systems so that you can easily manage and monitor orders and handle all aspects of online sales.

Developing a new website can be a daunting prospect, particularly if your day to day focus is on delivering a service for your customers.  If that’s you, then let us help.

The first step is to clearly set out the role your website will play. Start thinking about this by reading our article on ‘How to write a website brief’.

Why use FR Marketing?

Our experience tells us that creating the content and designing the site at the same time is the most efficient and effective approach… and brings the best results.  Which is why we build complete websites for some of our clients, including creating the content.

All the sites we build from scratch use the WordPress content management system (CMS) and Divi builder, both of which are very widely used across the world.  Together they provide a complete framework that allows us to design and customize every part of your website from the ground up.  This enables us to build websites which offer all the functionality that most small to medium sized businesses need and which have search engine optimisation built in from the outset.

Stop scratching your head and let us help you get started on your new website today.

Working with other companies

Our website journey started out with us advising clients on design and structure, and creating content, while liaising with their appointed web company… and that’s still a service we provide.

Where you already have a relationship with another web design company, or need a more complex site functionality, we are happy to work with other companies.  This can be for creating a new site or updating an existing site.

Structure, design and content for a new website

RJ Chartered Surveyors already had a website design underway, but which had come to a halt due to lack of staff time and expertise, when they asked FR Marketing to assist them.

As well as working with Waters Creative on the design and structure, FR Marketing created completely new text for the site, and commissioned a photographer to take images of the team,  to highlight the key role people play in the business.

The new site played a vital role in establishing the company’s new name and identity, which FR Marketing had developed with them.

Updating a site that has already been built

Bako Wales approached FR Marketing to help them add content to the website that had been designed for them.

To get this done, we worked out how to organise their more than 2,000 products into meaningful categories and sourced images which could be used to illustrate them.

Core text was created, as well as individual staff profiles, news stories and promotions. All of the new content was then uploaded onto the site… and we continue to work with Bako Wales to keep the site up to date.

From initial brief, through agency appointment to completed site

Lewis Pies had a website, but it had been around a long time and no longer reflected the company and its customer offer.

Working with them, FR Marketing prepared a brief to go out to web design companies and oversaw the selection of the agency to work with.

From there we created the content, secured the images and worked closely with the agency through to the site launch and training staff in how to use the CRM system to update news and key elements.

From Our Clients

“FR Marketing did a great job in creating our new website, which gets across what we need clients and potential clients to know about us. From structuring the site and creating the design, through written content to suggesting and sourcing the eye-catching piggy bank images, they provided an excellent, responsive service and were a pleasure to work with.”

Robert Parsons

St David's Partnership

“FR Marketing designed and built our new website and on-line shop. They gave us the professional advice we needed tailored to our business. They were creative, flexible and a real pleasure to work with. We love our new site which is easy for us to update and manage. More importantly our customers love it too. They’ve given us fabulous feedback on the look and ease of navigating around the site.”

Gillian Davies

Let It Bee Ltd

“Many thanks for all your work on my website. It looks lovely and you’ve been so helpful and patient with my questions. I’m so glad I found you.”

Heather George

Sugar & Spice Cakes

“FR Marketing provided us with excellent support throughout the process of developing and then launching our new company name and identity. At the same time Fiona and Karen structured and created content for our new website and helped us develop our social media channels. The results have already had a positive impact on our business levels and given a boost to the whole of the RJ team.”

Gareth Harries

RJ Chartered Surveyors

“FR Marketing were brought in to help us develop content for a new website which had already been created for us.  Getting a base website designed was relatively straightforward. Structuring, creating and adding content that meets the needs of our customers was a much bigger challenge, and one which FR Marketing helped us achieve. They brought a valuable external perspective and have been instrumental in helping us think through how we profile our broad range of products in a way which makes sense to existing and potential customers.  Highly recommended.”

Dyfed Evans

Bako Wales

Up for a chat?

All our projects kick off with a discussion.  If you would like to have a general chat about your current situation and challenges, so that we can work out what would be helpful for you, do get in touch.